3 x 4m Celestial Garden Gazebo

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NATIONWIDE DELIVERY. FREE DELIVERY Within 50 miles! This 3m x 4m (10' x 13') Rectangular Hot Tub Gazebo will transform your garden. Easy to assemble, as much of the work as possible has been completed for you. This garden structure is very versatile and can be used for BBQ's, Hot Tub Covers, Pond Cover, Outdoor Dining etc.



The Gazebo sizes quoted are all the external dimension of the posts. The internal dimensions are the external measurements minus 2 x the post thickness.


Main roof frame: Varies: 200 x 50mm in the corners, 100 x 50mm in the centres.

Hips: 100 x 100 mm

Rafters: 75 x 50mm

Uprights: A massive 150mm x 150mm are supplied as standard. They measure 2.4m long, if fitted at full height the head room will be 2.3 m in the corners and 2.4 m in the centre of the outer frame. We recommend a head height of between 2m and 2.1m in the centre of the outer frame. Let us know if you would like them cutting to create a specific entrance head height.

Huge 200mm x 200mm posts are also available at an extra cost. The pictures show the 150mm posts on the yard display gazebo and 200mm posts on the picture with the window panels and furniture.


The clear roof section at the heart of this modern garden gazebo is constructed from clear acrylic which is nine times stronger than glass. The clear roof panels are cut and drilled ready for you to fit. They offer a clear view at the centre of the gazebo. Measured vertically there is a clear section of 50cm, horizontally 96cm in each of the four roof sections. On a rectangular gazebo the horizontal measurement is greater. 



The Celestial Gazebo, with the felt shingle roof option, is supplied with tongue and groove boarding so looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. 
Benefits: Durability, Lightweight, Versatility, Ease of fixing, Attractive appearance, Virtually maintenance free, BBA Certification 15 year material guarantee.

Details: A durable, flexible and proven shingle tile strip manufactured from specially formulated bitumen asphalt, reinforced with a pre-impregnated glass fibre and finished with resilient and aesthetically pleasing coloured ceramicised granules. 


This unique, WoodMines designed roof covering uses fully pressure treated timber to ensure a very long lasting roof. The 10 - 12mm thick boards which run vertically will give your wooden gazebo a contemporary feel which looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. The two layers of timber have a very generous overlap to keep the roof covering as waterproof as possible. The specially machined ridges finish off this high quality roof covering. You may decide prior to laying the wooden roof boards to lay a waterproof membrane under the timber roof kit to guarantee a 100% waterproof covering. This does however detract from the unique natural look of the roof from inside. If you don't want to fit the felt and don't mind the odd drip, treating the top of the roof with decking oil can help to reduce the chance of water ingress in the years to come. This roof is on display so feel free to make a visit and take a look for yourself.


If you are looking for a convenient place to position a candle or drink, why not consider this unique stone shelf? This functional and attractive fixture can be attached at any height and will complement the design of your gazebo. They provide a perfect perch for your drink, without the need for a table.

The stone shelf is initially slid up the post prior to fitting. Silicone can be applied to the tops of the timber supports to securely affix the shelf. The treated timber supports are simply screwed to the post to support the stone shelf at any height you wish. The natural stone measures approximately 600mm.


You can choose a readymade decking solution as an addition to your gazebo, hot tub cover or pergola. The strong 100mm x 50mm timber frames of this decking base come in two sections which are ready built. In order to fit, the two sections can be quickly screwed together with the supplied specialist fixings. The frame can then be securely supported and levelled off. The deck boards can then be fitted into place and screwed down.
The decking frames can be made to fit the exact size of your structure. Please contact WoodMines with your exact requirements.

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"We are so pleased with our new gazebo.  Greg and his team worked non stop to complete the build in one day.The design and construction is amazing and it looks absolutely fantastic in the garden. This is a top quality product and we are looking to enjoying a beautiful outdoor living space."

Anthony Lomax