2.4m x 3m Cubic Gazebo

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2.4m x 3m Cubic Gazebo. Nationwide Delivery. Free Delivery within 50 miles. Pressure treated, smooth timber. Bespoke sizes available. No planning permission. Contemporary Pergola Design.

Cubic Gazebo Specification

Modular Design

Meet The Cubic, our stylish new model designed in Autumn 2021. Sleek lines and neat corners give this structure a modern, streamlined feel. Despite its contemporary form, The Cubic retains the hallmark sturdiness of all WoodMines gazebos as well as the flexibility attendant on our bespoke service, whereby dimensions as well as additional features may be customised. Ideal for clients who require a shelter that fits easily into a smaller space, The Cubic has no roof over-hang on 3 projections, allowing clients to maximise internal area of the gazebo. The flat roof, which is under 2.5 metres from the base of the design, allows easy entry without the need for planning permission or consultation with occupants of neighbouring properties. A single piece rubber roof kit provides excellent protection from the rain for this design and perhaps the opportunity to add an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing living roof.

This WoodMines designed gazebo can be purchased as a minimal structure with four posts and a bare roof frame or you can create the perfect structure for your requirements with the available additional extras. The versatility of the Cubic Gazebo means that you can have a cost effective contemporary open pergola unlike any other. 

Please note that we recommend a level hardstanding or decked area for the Cubic Gazebo to sit on. The standard Head Height is 2.1m within the frame. The maximum height when fitted with a base frame, floating plinth kit and roof boards is 2.49m. Without a base frame the Head Height is 2.25m.  If you would like a lower entrance height please get in touch.

Frame Options:

Bare Frame: Constructed entirely with 150mm x 150mm thick, pressure treated timber. Included with the bare frame are four upright posts, open perimeter roof frame and the fixings to assemble the structure. The base frame does not come with this option.

Bare Frame and Base Frame Kit The base frame consists of four 150mm x 150mm posts.  The gazebo upright support posts are modified to join into this frame. A timber frame is also supplied to act as a floating plinth to fit the frame to. This plinth gives the impression that the structure is floating. 

Bare Frame Kit, Base Frame Kit and Base Rafter Kit Additionally you have the option of a base rafter kit to support decking of your own choice. These strong rafters are made with 47 x 95mm thick structurally graded timber.

Bare Frame Kit, Base Frame Kit, Base Rafter Kit and Decking Boards  Alternatively you can include decking boards to go inside the base frame. 

Roof Options:

No Roof Option There are no rafters supplied with this option.

Roof Rafter Kit A set of 47 x 95mm treated, easy edge, strength graded rafters are supplied to offer the look of a contemporary garden pergola or a sound structure for a roof covering.

Roof Rafter Kit and Plywood Boards A 12mm hardwood plywood roof boarding kit can also be added to go over the rafters as a sub base to a roof covering.

Roof Rafter Kit and Tongue & Groove Boards Alternatively 20mm thick, pressure treated tongue and groove boards can be supplied. Please note the last board of the tongue and groove roof covering will require trimming down it's length when fitting.

Rubber Roof Kit:

No Rubber Roof Kit  This option adds nothing to the basket.

Rubber Roof Kit Included A one piece rubber roof kit is supplied. This consists of a full kit including the relevant glue to fit the kit, black edge trim, a single sheet of EPDM rubber with a life expectancy of around 50 years. A gutter to suit the rear will be required. This comprehensive kit is the perfect DIY roof giving a very long lasting easy to fit solution.  Please note a roof rafter kit is required with either the hardwood plywood boards or the tongue & groove boards. The rubber roof kit is fitted onto the roof rafters and boards. 

Additional Information:

The overall width of the structure is the size quoted in the description. The roof trim adds approximately 20mm to each projection. Please allow room for a gutter at the rear, alternatively the water run-off can be on any of the sides. The roof frame is designed as a totally flat structure, the rubber roof trim is raised on three sides to prevent water running off those sides. 
The height of the bare frame is 2.4m, the roof boarding adds a maximum of 0.02m. A base frame kit adds 0.07m to the kit if the floating plinth is used. The maximum height with all of the additional extras is approximately 2.49m, under the 2.5m planning regulations if you are siting it within 2m of a boundary fence.
The timber used throughout the structure is pressure treated green, the colours on the photos are a good representation of the timber when supplied.

Special Requests:

If you require an option not available or if you want to tweak a size or panel configuration, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Further Information:

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Tel: 01942 497779

Email: woodmines@gmail.com

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