Create Your Very Own Living Space

Looking for something a little different to a mainstream garden table? One of our stone slab tables will look great on its own in your garden or tucked under a gazebo!

The stone slab inserts are removable should you wish to easily paint the table to match your requirements and they also hold the summer sun keeping the table warm in the evening, great for a bbq table and parties.

The table sizes are based around two sizes of stone slab - Square or Rectangular. A great way to extend your living space with a gazebo and table bench sets, all WoodMines outdoor furniture is made to measure from pressure treated timber for longer life.

Stone-Slab Table

At 0.8m wide for square stones and 1.1m wide for rectangular stones and 1, 2, or 3 stones long these tables are a great addition to any garden whatever the size.  As with all WoodMines products they are built to last from the finest pressure treated timber. The stone slab inset into the table will soak up the summer sun and retain the warmth to make this a great bbq table.  We also offer a variety of benches, stools, and chairs to go with these tables.    

You can easily personalise your furniture with your own choice of paint or stain to complement your garden. The stone slabs can easily be removed if you choose to colour your table. Let us know if you would like your table built with or without a hole for an umbrella.

Elegant Curving Benches and Chairs

These curves will look great in any garden and will make a more elegant compainion to your stone slab table.  Constructed entirely with 2" thick timber these Curvy Carver Chairs are very solid and comfortable.  

Unique, solid furniture hand made for you in the U.K. If you have a size in mind not listed, please don't hesitate to send us your dimensions. We specialise in bespoke requests.

Sleeper Benches Double or Single

These look and feel solid as they are made, yet easy to position and adjust for comfort.

Unique, solid furniture hand made for you. All of our products have been designed and built by WoodMines so you can be sure you will own a bespoke piece of furniture.

Modular Planters Benches and Chairs

Our Modular garden planters and benches are a lasting assest to your garden. They offer a relaxing place to sit and rest.  

Unique, solid furniture hand made for you in the U.K. If you have a size in mind not listed, please don't hesitate to send us your dimensions. We specialise in bespoke requests.


Made To Last


Chunky and Sturdy

Pressure Treated Timber

Made from pressure treated, graded timber for long life.


Heavy Duty

These tables do not need to run for cover if the weather turns.

Choose Your Size

Decide what shape stone insert you would like and how long your table needs to be to suit your needs. 

Flat Pack Self Assembly Available

Have the product delivered and put it together yourself easily.

Bespoke for you

Stand out from the crowd and create somthing a little different. Let us know if you have a bespoke requirement.


Take a look around our photo gallery to see what others have created.

Create The Perfect Dining Set

Choose from a selection of outdoor furniture table sizes and configurations.  Add Sleeper Benches or our Curvy Carver Chairs to your stone tile table to make the perfect seating arrangement for you.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Customise To Your Requirements

We hand make our sturdy, wooden garden furniture from high quality, pressure treated timber that is construction graded.  This ensures they stand the test of time and can endure the seasonal weather conditions here in the UK.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Luxury Tables and Chairs

Made from the finest timber available and 100% durable in all weather conditions, rest assured that this garden feature will be around for years to come.  A WoodMines table set will form a great, long term, structural feature to be admired from any aspect.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Selection Of Garden Furniture

Compliment your garden with a place to eat, drink, and entertain outside or under one of our gazebos.  These stone set tables will warm up and hold the heat after sun fades.