WoodMines Gazebo Related Questions

Please read through the questions. Get in touch if you have any queries.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made in full via a credit /debit card / us sending you a Worldpay link or alternatively, get in touch (woodmines@gmail.com) and we can take a 30% deposit via bank transfer with the remainder due via bank transfer approx 2 weeks before delivery.   We do not take payments over the phone.

Will I have to concrete my gazebo into the ground?

The Elegance gazebo is the only structure which requires either bolt down post anchors or concreting in place. 

If you have a solid concrete or paved area, the other structures we offer are free standing structures.

We do recommend a level base to fit them on if possible.

We will cut the posts for you to account for a sloping patio if you let us know at the point of purchase.

Where I live it is particularly windy. Will it blow away?

The short answer is no! If the structures are fitted as recommended there will be no 'flyaway gazebos'

As an example, a 3m square Regal gazebo weighs approximately 500kg which is ½ a ton, so won't be going anywhere in a flurry.

What is the overall gazebo height?

This varies depending on the model of gazebo chosen and the head height required.  Please see the table below for the overall heights based on a 2m entrance height

We recommend a 2m head height for all of the gazebos. It is possible to have upto 2.27m head height on the Regal, Imperial and Tudor with 2.4m as the maximum head height on the Elegance and Celestial.

A 2m head height as you enter is higher than a standard door frame, the structure increases by the height of the perimeter frame as soon as you enter and increases as you walk towards the centre. 

The privacy panels we manufacture are also built to suit a 2m entrance height. We manufacture the panels with a slight gap at the base when fitted.

We can supply the posts at full length but we are happy to reduce the height for you to 2m or whatever you choose within the sizes possible. This benefits you and the gazebo, no sawing of huge posts required once it arrives and we can keep the pressure treated end of the posts intact. We paint the ends of the posts with a clear oil based preserver as an additional protective treatment too!

Are the gazebo sizes listed the overall roof sizes?

The sizes quoted are the external post dimensions.

The internal sizes are the external dimensions minus 2 times the post thickness.

The roof covering overhangs vary on the different designs.

The Regal and Imperial overhang 17cm on all four projections.

The Tudor overhangs 17cm on each side ( two sides, the eaves).

The Celestial overhangs 7cm on all projections.

The Elegance overhangs 6 cm on all projections.

As an example a 3m Regal Gazebo with 150mm posts and a shingle roof covering has external post dimensions of 3m, internal post dimensions of 2.7m, overall roof dimension of 3.34m.

Can I have a window / roof lantern on an Imperial Gazebo?

Yes you can. It looks amazing too! Please get in touch with the gazebo size you require and we will provide you with a quote.

Cracks - Splits are developing in my posts, will it compromise the strength?

The larger posts, especially the 200mm posts, have a high moisture content. As they dry out vertical splits are likely to occur. This happens most often in hot, dry weather. The technical term is tangential shrinkage. As the outside of the post dries quicker than the core the external surfaces can split.This is perfectly normal and will not affect the structural strength of the posts. There are several WoodMines gazebos on display which you are welcome to look at.

Can the Celestial Gazebo be built with a straight frame and braces?

Yes, we can build a Celestial without the curves. A double frame is constructed giving a 190mm deep frame. This adds 95mm to the overall height.

I must keep within the 2.5m overall height within 2m of my boundary to avoid planning permission. Do you make a gazebo to suit?

We manufacture the Regal and the Imperial Gazebo with a Flat 'Rubber Roof Kit' which caps the overall height at 2.5m with an entrance height of 2m. This design still keeps the pitched element of the roof up to the 2.5m limit. This means that the character of the structure is kept intact. The Imperial is boarded with tongue and groove and the Regal is boarded with plywood.
The second option is the Cubic Gazebo, a chunky contemporary structure. 

Overall Gazebo Heights. 

2m Head Height

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Gazebo Height Calculator Notes

The above figures are based on a 2m entrance height. Figures are intended as a guide.

If you require a rectangular gazebo please use the smallest size to indicate the overall height.

Changing the entrance height / post length , alters the overall height.

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Gazebo Dimension Information

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Fascia and Shingle Height / Overhang Detail

As an example, a 2m entrance height will have a measurement of 2105mm to the base of the fascia and approximately 2190mm to the base of the shingles / eaves tray.

The projection from the frame is 100mm to the fascia board and approximately 170mm to the edge of the shingles / eaves tray.

If you choose to fit gutters at a later stage please allow room for them measured from the fascia board.

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